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Medvac Biopharma

has been registered as manufacturing facility on 2014.09.08 under registration No.27273.

  • The corporate propose due to Article 2 of the company statute has been defined: Import and export of any kind of licensed goods, import, production, distribution, and sale of all types of medicinal forms (including ODF, injectable and topical), chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Biological and herbal ones, human and animal vaccines, therapeutic, dietary, food and sport Supplements; biological products fractioned from plasma; medical and laboratory equipment; growth media and Pharmaceutical requirements; eye drops and lenses; raw materials, bulk product packing, oral syrup and solutions/suspensions.
  • Medvac Biopharma received its primary establishment license for production/fractionation unit from IMIMT (Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade), under the ref.:100/1/244540 dated 2016.02.01.
  • The primary approval for establishment of Human Plasma fractionation facility with the potential of 150000 litters per annuum has been granted by IFDA(Iranian food and drug Administration) , Ref.: 665/42685 dated 2017.07.04. The facility is located in Baharestan industrial park, Kamalshahr city, Alborz province, in a 4055 Square meters area. The substructure of the main building is 10210 square meters in 6 levels.

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Location: No. 1 , 9 th Golestan Street, Baharestan Industrial Estate, Alborz Province, IRAN .